How to find Marcelin

We are a small community, with a population of 158 according to the 2011 census, located on Hwy 40 in between North Battleford, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert. More specifically between Leask & Blaine Lake.

There are many lakes, activities & scenery to enjoy with Crown Hill being one of the highest points.

Aerial View of Marcelin, Saskatchewan

Google Map for Marcelin:

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A Little Town from History of Marcelin & District” Book

“A little town is where you don’t have to guess who your enemies are.  Your friends will tell you”

“A little town is where everybody knows everybody else’s car by sight – and also where and when it goes.”

“A little town is where few people can get away with lying about the year they were born.  Too many other people can remember.”

“A little town is where people with various ailments can air them properly to sympathetic ears.”

“A little town is where, when you get the wrong number, you can talk for 15 minutes anyhow.”

“A little town is where the ratio of good people to bad people is something like 100 to one.  That’s nice to remember.”

“A little town is where it is hard for anybody to walk to work for exercise because it takes too long to stop and explain to people in cars who stop, honk, and offer a ride.”

“A little town is where city folks say there is nothing to do, but those who live there don’t have enough nights in the week to make all the meetings and social functions.”

“A little town is where everyone becomes a neighbour” in a time of need”

“A little town is where business men struggle for survival against city stores and shopping centers.”

“A little town is where those same businessmen dig deep many times to help with countless fund-raising projects.”

“A little town is where it’s nice to be when rearing a family.”

“A little town is where you don’t have to lock your door every time you leave the house.”

“A little town is where many teenagers say there’s nothing to do – and then are surprised to learn that big-city peers are saying the same thing.”

“A little town, when all is said and done, is a nice place to live.”